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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Women Affairs of AMH Inc., is a non profit corporation registered in the state of Maryland Was formed in January of 2006 by sister Nadia A. McIntosh Women Affairs opened its doors in March of 2006. Since then with the help of Allah we have assisted over 100 homeless and abandoned women and their children nation wide.


Our clients can stay for a period of six months to a year if the situation requires it, to allow time for healing, obtaining employment and 
cleaning up financial or other matters that may hinder her individual stability. Clients are encouraged to apply for benefits, seek 
education and employment. Local resource information is provided to help them in becoming self sufficient. While a client may no longer reside at the home she is considered as part of our extended family and may still call on us for referrals or support.


“As salamu alaikum, I am a muslimah faced with a lot of trials and I was trying  to stay focused on my deen and my  family was against me because of my  religion. I heard about Women Affairs  of Al-Mumtahinah Home Inc. shelter  for homeless women and children. I  needed to be in an Islamic environment and contacted the owner, and she took me in. When I came there the owner and the sisters that live there helped me and supported me with my religion, a place to stay and the emotional distress that I was experiencing. Since I have been here I have established peace and tranquility within my self they have helped me with resources with employment they have helped me established my relationship with my children and overall helped me to bring my self esteem back up they have helped me with clothing, food, Islamic literature etc.. Insha’Allah you will continue supporting the shelter."

"As salaamu alaikum, I have a four month old son. I have just recently moved in the shelter (Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah 
Home Inc.,) at the beginning of August of 2009. The reason why I came to the shelter was because I needed to stay on top of my 
deen which it was hard for me to do while I was living with my father which he was against it. As of now the shelter is helping 
me in many ways."

"The shelter gets many donations which helps me gets the things I need such as pampers ,clothes, toiletries and also a crib 
for my son. Right now I am working on accomplishing my goals which is to get my I.D and my G.E.D in order for me to attend a college later on this year to study on being an x-ray technician. Please donate to (Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home Inc.,) because it would be a great help not only for Muslims but the community at large. Jazzakallah Khayir”

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